sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2016

Guinness World Record Attempt Applications Accepted!

 In may, I wrote an at application at

 Fastest marathon carrying a 60-lb pack

Practise half marathon at Helsinki City Run
"I want to break this record as a milestone in my journey from a 330 lbs (about 150 kg) heavily obese coach potato. I have already ran a marathon carrying about 127 kilograms. This time I will replace the 28 kilograms of fat as weight in my backpack. 

By doing this, I am hoping that overweight people might stop for a second to think about the huge potential they carry. They might be overweight, but not in bad shape. In fact, they are strong and powerful. "

The current record is held by Toru Sakurai, a Japanese army instructor. He finished the 2013 Tokyo Marathon in 4 hr 39 min 9 sec with a 60 lb backpack. 

Ever since I started moving at 2009, the extra weight has been a motivator for me. In a way, every extra lb of fat that I carry, gives me an exponential reward when working out.

With each step my fitness goes up, and at the same time every lost lb makes moving easier. I am secretly building a sports car engine, which is gradually revealed with every lb lost. I think overweight is a motivator, not a de-motivator.

For me, breaking this record is the final proof on the case. I will make my attempt at Vantaa marathon, Saturday, October 8th.
Grillfest, year 2009. Around 335 lbs (150+ kg)

I also filed an application to set the record for half marathon carrying a 60 lb pack which Guinness World Records accepted. I will be making this attempt at Tampere half marathon September, 10th. I am hoping to run under 2:15:00, but hopefully a few minutes faster.


I started running with a weight vest in 2015, adding more weights progressively and aggressively. After a couple of successfull months I ended up injured. Basically my belly button followed by a trail of guts popped out. Hernia umbilicalis. Not a recommended experience.

Also, when googling and gathering intel on other attempts to break weighted marathon records, I realized that the most difficult part is to train consistently and progressively and not get injured.  I chose  the following gear.
1) Savotta Jaeger Rucksack.

The Savotta Jaeger rucksack is an improved model of the paratrooper rucksack originally designed for the Finnish Defence Forces. As the slim shape allows free movement of arms, this rucksack is just like meant for running with heavy loads.

2) Runteq Zoi

Zoi kinematics sensor measures movement and analyses running technique. When running with an extra load it is critical to know when and how the technique fails. I use Zoi also to measure & minimize the bouncing of the rucksack. Get your Zoi Sensor here.

3) Myontec Mbody Shorts

The Mbody shorts use EMG (electromyography) to measure muscle activity. As the result I get insight on the muscle load balance (left / right, quads / hams). It is also the perfect tool to balance the rucksack optimally.

4) On Running Cloud shoes
The Swiss Cloud is the world's lightest (198g) fully cushioned running shoe.  I have used these for last few thousand kms.

Guinness World Records require me to provide with a lot of proof on the record (race organizer's statement, official course measurement, photos, videos, media coverage, witness statements). If you happen to participate in the Tampere Half Marathon or Vantaa Marathon I'd appreciate if you signed  the witness statement at the finish line.