perjantai 15. elokuuta 2014

Fat is just fuel for adventure

// I have used the  Endomondo Sportstracker since 2009.  The Endomondo blog made an interview of my journey so far. Here is the story: Jussi’s Road to Ironman – Toughing it out for Doomsday.

The Endomondo blog post is probably a good overview of these last five or so years. It is the regular "from a 330 lbs (150kg) coach potato to an ironman" -story.  But it does miss something that has been really important to me.

I forgot to mention the source of my obvious superpowers.

These days everyone thinks: "Fat is bad", "You have ruined your life",  "Better luck next time". The cure seems to be: "How to lose 10kg, fast!" As if you were carrying anthrax, or something.  If you constantly think about your weight, shape and looks, these whispers do not really help.

I used to think: "Why the %#&! am I even trying to run? I weigh atleast 80 kg more than an average runner", and soon after thinking it, I stopped.

Suddenly one night, when I took my dog out for a walk, a piece of space debris, glowing green, appeared from the horizont and hit my forehead. Apparently, from planet Krypton, because my mind changed instantly.

- I carry 80kg more than an average runner, but I still can move. Flap that extra weight on a Skinny Athlete, and he'll collapse. After this idea bounced around in my head for a few minutes, I started imaging myself almost as a superman.

I got so carried away, that I designed a t-shirt.

And that part of the story is true.  Fat is a super power.

Here is the proof:

- They say: "If you start moving, your joints will be explode!" Ha ha! They might break, if you were the Skinny Athlete. But you aren't. You have carried those extra weights for years already. Your joints have become extra tough, because they had to. Your legs are strong.

-  With every step you take, you benefit in ways someone with normal weight can only imagine. Your fitness soars up amazingly faster, because of the extra kilos you carry. Simultaneously, when you move, you drop off some of this extra weight to make it even easier. This combination is super rewarding.

- Should you think your current fitness level sucks? It might, but so what? This only means that you have so much potential left.  The more your current fitness sucks, the easier it is to raise it. Enjoy!

You have lived to this day and gathered a few extra kilos. Lucky bastard!

Once you have unlocked these super powers, you are bound for adventure. No surprise, you  have the resources built in for that too. Each kilogram of fat contains approximately 7200 calories (3265 per pound).

Since I realized this, I have loved every moment on the way down.

Fat is just fuel for adventure.